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Part 2 of this Australian webinar series replaces the usual national conference, yet provides the same high quality talks from local and international experts along with parent panels

View via our secure Zoom webinar link from the comfort of your home. Read the program and speaker bios prior so you are ready with all the questions you would like to ask panellists

IconSun 22 November 2020
Timing Description

Understanding the Current Egg Donor and Surrogacy Landscape

An overview of options globally, including donor and surrogate availability, the ability to travel for donor-IVF, the impact of Covid-19 on programs, entry and exit processes as well as surrogate & clinic interaction.

Sam Everingham, Growing Families

The Impact of Covid-19 on US Surrogates and intended parent journeys

Kristen Hansen, Simple Surrogacy

The Trouble With Twins – Embryo Transfer Decisions

Many intended parents want more than one child. Faced with high costs, many opt for multiple embryo transfer, thinking two for the price of one more financially affordable. This talk covers the risks of twins for your surrogate, your finances and your unborn children

Pacific Fertility, LA California, US

Legal Considerations for Australians Considering Cross-Border Surrogacy

Do I need to engage an Australian lawyer? How do laws differ by state in regard to offshore surrogacy? Am I the legal parent after engaging in surrogacy overseas? Uses cases studies to illustrate the legal considerations for those looking at cross-border surrogacy

Ben Sayer


Parent Journeys

In-depth discussion & Q&A with Australian parents who used international egg donation or surrogacy, detailing what to expect – processes, costs, potential risks, what can go wrong and how to survive the unexpected hurdles

(via US), Stephen Glover (via USA) Julian Parkinson (via Ukraine)   tbc (via Georgia)

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Surrogacy programs in Ukraine in the current environment.

Covers risks and how to manage them. Safety measures your clinic should provide to protect surrogates, donors  and children. Storage of shipped sperm and embryos.

Olga Pysana, World Center of Baby, Ukraine

Guarantee Programs for Surrogacy & Egg Donation

The pros and cons for ‘guarantee’ and ‘money-back’ programs. What do they guarantee? Can they be combined with a program which uses your own embryos first? How cost effective are they?

Dimitris Kavakas, Redia, UK

DNA testing Processes for Citizenship

For those engaging in overseas surrogacy , unless you have a court order, DNA testing may be mandatory to access citizenship by descent. An Australian expert explains how the process works and what you can do to ensure your time away from home is minimised

Kate Pippia, Identilab

Paperwork Processes for Australian Citizenship & Passports

Ensuring you are well-prepared when you are expecting a child via international surrogacy is key to reducing stress i these journeys. Given paperwork requirements t allow Australian citizenship can be onerous and many countries do not allow travel before you have an Australian passport for your newborn, this session is essential

Roman Deauna, Far & Wide Migration

Travel Assistance for International Surrogacy

Craig Fyfe, Your Travel Expert


Sperm Shipping for OS Surrogacy Programs

Tammuz has been working with Growing Families and IVF clinics in Australia, the US & Colombia to facilitate the shipping of sperm ex Australia so singles and couples can commence surrogacy during travel lockdowns. Damien Chambers explains the program

Damien Chambers, Tammuz Surrogacy

Surrogate Perspectives

Surrogates from Ukraine, Georgia, & US discuss their motivations and experiences of carrying for foreign couples