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US Surrogacy: CSP [email protected]
US Surrogacy & IVF: ICRM [email protected]
US Surrogacy Law: International Fertility Law Group [email protected]
UK Parentage & Migration law: Bishop & Sewell [email protected]

IconFri 7 August 2020
Timing Description

Welcome & Overview of Options

Provides an overview of the trends in surrogacy, egg donation and IVF globally, the ethical, medical and financial considerations as well as new initiatives to support surrogates and intended parents.

Sam Everingham, Growing Families

Medical Indications & Considerations with Donors & Surrogates

Provides an understanding of when you should be looking at egg or sperm donation. What tests can be done to assess donor & surrogate suitability, how live birth rates tend to vary based on age of the egg provider and other factors to consider in donor & surrogate selection.

Dr Kevin Maas, ICRM, Idaho, USA

Surrogate Screening & Matching – The US model

One of the globe’s most experienced surrogacy professionals, from an organisation supporting surrogates and intended parents for over 30 years provides a clear overview of what sort of screening and matching processes and timelines you should expect from the US surrogacy process.

Hilary Hanafin, Psychologist, Center for Surrogate Parenting, USA

Parent Panel

Parents via US surrogacy and egg donation discuss the details of their journeys, what the most difficult parts were, disclosure to family and friends, how they overcome hurdles and how they chose particular providers to work with.

Moderator: Sam Everingham Panellists: Richard Scarlett (dad via US), Natalia de Weck (mum via US)

Legal Requirements for US surrogacy

Molly O’Brien (USA)

Parental Recognition following domestic or international surrogacy

Explains the processes, timelines and eligibility criteria for parental recognition post surrogacy, once you and your child(ren) are home. This is vital to understand before you engage in the processes

Victoria Maxwell, Bishop & Sewell

Audience Q&A