In many countries, it is possible to engage in surrogacy with a close friend or family member as your surrogate.

Countries which allow this and which will provide a transfer of parentage post-birth include Australia, Colombia, India, Israel, UK, USA, Canada, Greece, New Zealand, Netherlands, South Africa

There are rules about its practice

  • No third party should be involved on a commercial basis – that is, receive fees for ‘brokering’ a surrogacy relationship.
  • Advertising for a surrogate is not allowed, nor is advertising to be a surrogate
  • The surrogate can only receive payment to cover the expenses that she has incurred in being pregnant for her intended parents

  • Surrogate screening and support is not usually provided in independent arrangements
  • You will need to engage with a lawyer in your country, once you have a potential surrogate
  • Altruistic surrogacy can be a difficult path for all parties without a strong support network or professional support

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