As of 27 October 2015, Indian clinics are not allowing foreigners to commence surrogacy arrangements, following instructions by the Indian government. But Now some surrogacy are allowed with terms from 2020.

Indian surrogacy is still available to Indian nationals resident in India.

Surrogacy India options for Indian residents

Surrogacy in India is only permitted to heterosexual couples that are been married for at least five years. The couples also need to present proof of their in capabilities to conceive a child naturally to the surrogacy clinic in India.

Only gestational surrogacy India is allowed within the legal territories of the country where at least one of the couples has to be biologically connected to the future child. Being a local couple, you can contact an Indian surrogacy agency that can help you in the whole process.

Surrogacy cost in India

Couples dealing with a surrogacy agency in India may have to shell out in between $20,000 and $30,000.The cost still depends on a lot of factors like the number of tests and diagnoses involved, cost of the surrogate, and cost of India surrogacy agency you are dealing with.

Embryo Shipping

Embryos can finally be shipped from India under some circumstances. Contact us for further information.