Surrogacy is a complex area and you deserve to know everything involved. Too often intended parents engage without full awareness of the risks and how best to minimise the chance of problems .

Some feedback on providers we are not able to publish online owing to risks of defamation. However we are able to communicate client experiences one-on-one.

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In the Covid-19 landscape, access to surrogacy remains available, but options, government processes and eligibility continue to change. It is vital to understand what has changed and how best to start your journey with the minimum of delays, whatever your nationality or country of residence

  • Everybody’s circumstances are different.
  • You may be a couple with different nationalities.
  • You may have embryos you need to transport.
  • You may have an egg donor but not a surrogate.
  • You may want to bring your egg donor with you, or create your embryos in one country, but complete surrogacy in another.
  • Surrogacy may be something you are planning for two years hence, or it may be your last avenue after repeated failed IVF. 
  • Different providers suit different people.

What Can we Advise On?

  • Uncompensated (altruistic) egg donor and surrogacy options in Canada, Australia, India, Colombia and Greece
  • Compensated egg donor or surrogacy for foreigners in regulated countries (USA, Ukraine, Georgia, Russia)
  • Compensated surrogacy & donor IVF for foreigners in unregulated countries (eg Mexico, Guatemala)

We have partners with expert surrogacy lawyers around the globe who can ensure your paperwork is done correctly.

This process takes into consideration your nationality, marital status, medical history, risk profile and budget

What we can provide
Zoom-based consultation + follow up support
Walk you through all options, costs & timeframes
Walk you through processes
Pros and cons of various pathways
Help decide on an optimal route for your personal circumstances
recommendations on trustworthy IVF clinics, surrogacy agencies, lawyers and other professionals  
guidelines in selecting egg donors (where required)
Advice on eligibility and legal protections
Tips on travel, accommodation & in-country support
A Plan B option
Introduction to Parent referees
Introduction to foreign exchange provider to facilitate OS payments at better exchange rates
Introduction to embryo & sperm shippers (where required)
Personalised introductions to trusted providers
Introduction to surrogacy lender if required


Over the past nine years, Sam Everingham has provided detailed advice to over 900 singles and couples globally to help them make the right decisions for their circumstances and to navigate their journeys to parenthood safely and with confidence.

A free 15 minute consultation is available to answer preliminary questions

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