Starting Your Journey Now

Countries such as Australia have bans on overseas travel for commencing donor-egg IVF & surrogacy. However Growing Families have made arrangements with IVF clinics, airlines and cryoshippers to ship sperm and embryos where intended parents are unable to travel

This webinar is relevant to

a) intending parents through egg donor IVF or surrogacy who are looking to engage in an overseas program due to better availability of donors, surrogates and/or managed surrogacy programs

b) International agencies and IVF clinics seeking to advise their clients

It aims to provide you with a practical guide to the issues below

WHEN : Monday 13 July 6.00 – 7.10pm (AEST)
COST: $15

PART 1: Engaging in your Home Country 6.00 – 6.20pm

  • Can I travel if I have embryos already overseas for IVF procedures?
  • How can I commence an international surrogacy program without physically being there?
  • Can overseas donors still travel internationally to allow me to create embryos in my home country?
  • If I haven’t done IVF yet, can I make embryos in my home country and then ship?

    PART 2: Making Embryos/ Freezing Sperm 6.20 – 6.50pm
  • Are there IVF specialists who are more open to making embryos or freezing sperm for international arrangements?
  • How will my IVF clinic allow me to ship, if commercial surrogacy is illegal in my home country?
  • What paperwork and protocols need to be followed for my sperm or embryos to be accepted frozen?
  • What are the specific requirements for the US, Canada, Ukraine, Georgia and Greece

    PART 3: Shipping 6.50 – 7.10pm
  • What are the sperm and embryo shipping options?
  • What are the costs of shipping?
  • Can IPs share shipments with other couples to reduce costs?
  • Is insurance available for my sperm or embryos? What does it cover?
  • Do I need to arrange shipping myself or can I outsource it?
  • Can I ship eggs?
  • Given the lack of international flights, which destinations are easy and hard currently?
  • What are the risks?

It provides you the chance to have your questions answered