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IconSaturday 12 September 2020
Timing Description

Welcome & Overview of Options

Provides an overview of the trends in egg donation IVF & surrogacy in Eastern Europe and the medical and logistical considerations during Covid-19

Sam Everingham, Growing Families

Surrogacy for Males in Russia 

Increasing numbers of gay males have been engaging in surrogacy in Russia in recent years, given Russian law allows for a foreign male to be listed on the birth certificate and has a court process transferring parentage. St Petersburg’s Slava Motayev was born through traditional surrogacy and grew up in a same sex family. He founded Surrogate Baby six years ago to cater to the needs of non-traditional families like his own. He will discuss the sorts of clients his agency assists, the range of programs offered, and provide insights regarding the motivations and backgronds of Russian egg donors and surrogates

Slava Motayev,  CEO, Surrogate Baby, St Petersburg

Surrogacy in Georgia

Many are discovering Georgia is a safe, legal and successful destination for cross border donor egg IVF and surrogacy services. Understand why, how eligibility, enrolment, surrogate screening and processes work.

Tamari Kachlishvili, ReproArt, Georgia

Current Trends in Greek Surrogacy for Foreigners

Greece is attracting increasing numbers of heterosexual couples and single women to its altruistic surrogacy programs, given the high quality of medical screening and care and the high IVF standards and favourable laws. The country was a success story with Covid-19 control. Greek surrogacy lawyer Maria Vastaroucha explains the eligibility requirements, the legal process of transfer of parentage BEFORE embryo transfer and a typical surrogacy journey

Maria Vastaroucha, Nomos Law, Greece

Legal Issues In Russian Surrogacy 

Provides an overview of the history of surrogacy in Russia, eligibility for foreigners, legal transfer of parentage and how surrogates and egg donors are screened, matched and supported

Konstantin Svitnev, Rosjur Consulting


Parent Panel

Parents via surrogacy and egg donation in Russia & Georgia discuss the details of their journeys , what the most difficult parts were, disclosure to family and friends, how they overcome hurdles and how they chose particular providers to work with.

Moderator: Sam Everingham

Reno Daigle (intended dad via Russia), Azamat (dad via Russia), Richard Wood (dad via Russia) Louise Burgess (mum via Georgia)