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IconSat 18 July 2020
Timing Description

International  and domestic Surrogacy in Ireland – what you need to know

Ireland’s leading surrogacy law firm shares their advice, experience  and guidance surrounding cross border surrogacy  . This session aims to ensure your surrogacy journey is as safe as possible from choosing the clinic , throughout the pregnancy , after birth and bringing your baby home . Includes information about Irish fathers court application.

Annette Hickey, Poe Kiely Hogan Lanigan, Ireland

Hearing from Ukranian Surrogates

Surrogates from Ukraine discuss what drives them to assist others and what expectations they have around relationships with their recipients

Panelists: Oksana Yatsenko, (Ukraine) Perfect Surrogacy, Marina Poliarush, (Ukraine)


Guarantee Programs for Surrogacy & Egg Donation

The pros and cons for ‘guarantee’ and ‘money-back’ programs. What do they guarantee? Can they be combined with a program which uses your own embryos first? How cost effective are they?

Olga Pysana, World Center of Baby, Ukraine

Surrogacy programs under Covid 19 and border closures.

Covers risks and how to manage them. Safety measures your clinic should provide to protect surrogates, donors  and children. Storage of shipped sperm and embryos.

Nadiia Meleneska, IVMed,

Parent Panel

Heterosexual parents via surrogacy and/or egg donation from Ireland and Australia discuss their recent journeys in Ukraine, how they chose providers, what the most difficult parts were, disclosure to family and friends, the impact of Covid on their travel and return; how they overcome hurdles

Moderator: Lucy Fallon

Panelists: Shane & Joy Byrne, Tejas Savsani, Catherine Wheatley

Step Parent Guardianship & Step Parent Adoption

There are currently scores if not hundreds of Irish mums without legal status post surrogacy.  This session reviews whether step adoption an option currently for Irish intending mothers? Who are the stakeholders and what’s the process ? How much does it cost ? What are the timelines and benefit of obtaining full parental rights as opposed to guardianship ?

Fiona Duffy, PF O’Reilly solicitors, Ireland