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Modern Workplaces and Employee Benefits: A Discussion of Fertility and Family-Planning Issues in the Workplace (click to view webinar)

This webinar features experts in fertility, adoption, surrogacy or related legal issues and looks at :

  • Medical and related cultural issues impacting employees at work – including menstruation, endometriosis, reproductive technologies, and menopause
  • Return to work following parental leave, lactation accommodation and workplace flexibility for parents and careers
  • Employee wellness in the workplace and the direct link to productivity
  • What employers around the world are doing (and are required to do) including employee benefits programs that assist with IVF, adoption, and surrogacy

Relevant to? HR Professionals, Benefits Professionals, People & Culture, in-house Legal Counsel, Board Directors

Icon24 November 2020 Australian Eastern Daylight Time (Sydney Time)
Timing Description

Supporting Staff Through Effective Employee Benefits Program (Click to Download)

Attracting and retaining staff via the right internal programs can create huge returns in regard to employee retention, satisfaction and loyalty. This session shows how.

Naomi Seddon & Tahl Tyson, Littler

The Future of Fertility Benefits for Employees

What is happening globally in this space?

Tammy Sun, Carrot Fertility

IVF & Fertility Preservation Options for Women (Click to download)

Professor Peter Illingworth, IVF Australia

Endometriosis as a Cause of Infertility (click to Download)
How common is it, what are the causes and how can employers help?

Donna Ciccia, Endometriosis Australia

Family Building with Donors and Surrogates (click to download)
How common, what are the options and how can employers help?

Sam Everingham, Surrogacy Australia

Foster Care & Adoption Pathways in Australia (click to download)
Provides the latest updates on unmet need, career eligibility, training requirements, types of foster care and the personality types who tend to get most from foster and adoption programs.

Melanie Andrews, Life Without Barriers