Given the travel restrictions imposed by the Covid pandemic, many intended parents who would once have travelled to provide sperm or make embryos, now need to do this in their home state and engage with a specialised cryoshipping provider.

Given the large number of patients affected, and the detailed paperwork requirements for shipping, Growing Families now provides personalised assistance in

  • organising experienced IVF clinics to collect, test and freeze sperm
  • organising experienced IVF clinics to create embryos
  • receiving and sending clinic paperwork advice and preparation
  • provision of clinic accreditation documents
  • notary and apostille referrals
  • co-ordinating shared shipments (either hand-carry or insured sensitive freight) with reliable courier partners

This service is designed to

  • reduce anxiety & stress associated with these complex arrangements
  • minimise per-client shipping costs by aggregating shipments going from/to the same country


Depending on your budget and destination, we can arrange shipping within 2 – 5 weeks of your paperwork being completed


Since June 2020, we have successfully managed sperm and embryo shipments for over 50 singles and couples

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