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IconWebinar Program 21 June 2020
Timing Description

The US & Canadian Egg Donor & Surrogacy Landscape

One of the globes foremost experts in crossborder surrogacy provides an overview of cost considerations, egg donor and surrogate options, wait times, health insurance and logistical and travel issues during Covid-19

Sam Everingham, Growing Families

Crucial IVF & Egg Donor Considerations

IVF processes are the most costly aspect of surrogacy. So getting embryo creation and transfer right is key. The US is renowned for high quality IVF and high success rates. This session  discusses the key considerations to ensure you have the best chances of success, including egg donor choices, surrogate screening and other processes for donor-egg IVF and surrogacy.

Brittany Collins, Pacific Fertility, LA

The US Approach to Surrogate Matching & Support

SOme states in US such as California have been offering surrogacy programs for over 35 years, hence have built up enormous experience in surrogate recruitment, matching and support. It is this experience that attracts so many to US surrogacy from countries like the UK which dont allow professional agencies to support surrogates. Alex Maron will help set your expectations about US agency support, matching times, insurance as well as providing insight into the type of woman who choose to carry for singles and couples previously unknown to them

Alex Maron, Hatch, California, USA

Legal Considerations for UK couples engaging in US or Canadian surrogacy

Expert fertility lawyer, Victoria Maxwell explains how the legal paperwork functions in relation to UK couples engaging in Canada or USA, how parentage can be recognised back in the UK, how UK citizenship is awarded, timing and costs

Victoria Maxwell, Bishop & Sewell, UK

Parent Panel

UK Parents who have successfully created family in the US or Canada discuss their experiences, contact with surrogates, agency interactions, the highs and lows and how they coped with creating family at a distance

Moderator: Sam Everingham

Panelists: tbc